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By making our outdoor spaces tobacco-free, we can encourage positive role-modeling for kids, stop secondhand smoke exposure and keep these spaces clean and free from pollution.

When we don’t allow tobacco use in places people visit often, we stop youth from seeing it as a common behavior or thinking it is okay. Studies have shown that smoke free laws work to keep young adults from smoking. Also, not allowing e-cigarettes and electronic smoking devices where cigarettes are banned sends the message that tobacco use of any kind is not safe.

Tobacco-free laws can also keep our outdoor spaces beautiful. The most commonly littered item is cigarette butts and littering them in the State of Colorado is against the law. When people don’t smoke, they don’t litter their cigarette butts. These left-behind cigarette butts poison our land and water, sometimes killing our wildlife and fish. Children may also pick up and handle butts that contain toxic chemicals.

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