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National Park RX Day is upon us!

National Park RX Day is upon us! What a way to celebrate all that our parks have to offer. I don’t know about you but when I think about going to the park, I feel my five-year-old self come alive and jump up and down. But parks aren’t just for five-year olds, so let’s throw on our sneakers!

National Park Rx Day encourages the growing movement of prescribing parks, trails and outdoor spaces for the health of the community. Several health care providers have taken the step to begin prescribing patients to simply go to the park. Health wise, parks can offer us so much!

If enjoying all of these benefits are from simply just going to the park, then sign me up! I want to call my health care provider to get myself a prescription. The great thing about it is that I don’t need to do that, I can prescribe one all to myself and hit the trails.

Parks are a place to learn and sustain healthy habits, and grow a connection to the community. They are a fair and equitable place for all to enjoy. When we are healthy together, we come together. Here at TobaccoFree303, we strive to make our parks a place where people can come together and be exposed to healthy activities. That is why we support tobacco free parks projects in our area.

When park-goers are exposed to secondhand smoke or our kids see someone smoking, it lessens the healthy aspects of the park. Colorado has so many parks, trails and outdoor spaces. When we work together to create tobacco free parks, everyone who enjoys these spaces can continue their healthy habits. Tobacco-free parks are cleaner and safer for families, animals, and the environment. Join us in our efforts to create tobacco free parks throughout the Denver Metro area and enjoy your parks!