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Aurora Pride Fest 2017

The City of Aurora held its first ever Pride Fest and the Tobacco Free 303 coalition was thrilled to be a part of the celebration! Not only was this event the first LGBTQ celebration held in the city, it was also the largest tobacco free event hosted at a City of Aurora park, showing the residents’ support for getting rid of tobacco use in parks.  The event was a great chance to interact with community members and stakeholders. The majority showed their support for the policy and the importance of protecting youth and families from being exposed to the use of tobacco products in the outdoor areas they play in and enjoy. Parks are important for a high quality of life in cities across the country, and a park that is filled with smoke, trash and cigarette butts are less welcoming and can be harmful to park visitors of all ages. Not only does tobacco use harm park visitors, but tobacco product waste hurts our environmental and has been tied to a decrease of property values for nearby homes and businesses. Tobacco Free 303 is proud to partner with Aurora Pride and share the message of protecting our youth and parks. To learn more about this project and the other work we are doing in the Front Range, click the “Get Involved” tab!