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Colorado Kids Say No to Tobacco as Part of Kick Butts Day

Colorado kids in and around Tri-County don’t like toxic cigarette butts littering their communities, nor do they like Big Tobacco companies targeting them. Colorado’s youngest generation was able to voice their concerns and speak out against tobacco at “Kick Butts Day” events around Colorado on March 16.

Englewood Leadership Academy literally kicking butts!

Englewood Leadership Academy

Kick Butts Day is a national day of activism, sponsored by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, which empowers youth to speak up and take action against tobacco use at more than 1,000 events from coast to coast.

“Tobacco addiction is a communicated disease – communicated through advertising, sports, marketing and sponsorship,” according to a statement by the World Health Organization. “Lured in large numbers by the glare and glamour of tobacco marketing that sells a deadly product as the taste of freedom and fashion, between 80,000 and 99,000 children and adolescents in the world take to tobacco every day.”

Community “Kick Butts Day” Events

Aurora YMCA and Cherokee Trail High School

Aurora YMCA and Cherokee Trail High School

Englewood Leadership Academy presented their tobacco prevention messages to their fellow students. They discussed the diseases caused by tobacco and the marketing tactics the industry uses to target kids.

The Aurora YMCA held an information booth at Cherokee Trail High School where they had students create “not a replacement” cards that were then compiled into a large poster to display. They also presented their tobacco prevention messages to the schools administration and some teachers.

The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver will have a cigarette-butt pick-up event in April once the snow melts. That project will support the Tobacco Free Parks effort in Commerce City.

We also want to give a “shout out” to additional Colorado Kick Butts Day participants:

Bolt Academy

Bolt Academy

  • Bolt Academy students in School District 27J
  • Kearney Middle School in Adams County School District 14
  • South Elementary students in School District 27J
  • Tri-County Health Department Staff

“It’s important and gratifying to see so many Colorado youth speak out against tobacco. This kind of involvement and activism not only needs to be encouraged, it needs to be recognized by all of us in the community,” said Maura Proser, Tri-County Health Department Chronic Disease, Injury, and Tobacco Prevention Manager.