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A Glimpse into our Community: Red Ribbon Week at Robert M. Shopneck Boys and Girls Club November 1, 2016

At Robert M. Shopneck Boys and Girls Club, thepicture1 SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) group made up of 8 Keystone Members, hosted Red Ribbon Week events to educate club members about drug and tobacco use. The SWAT team began by introducing the meaning behind Red Ribbon Week and opened conversation about what being drug and tobacco free meant to them. They encouraged the youth to take a pledge to always say no to drugs including tobacco, and this pledge was solidified by a ribbon tying. These red ribbons were tied on the fences outside the club to start not only a club-wide movement, but also a community-wide conversation about the use of these substances.

The events consisted of red apple decorating, a photo booth, an educational tobacco trivia game where the members had the opportunity to win “tobacco free 303” t-shirts, a coloring contest, a pledge signing station and of course the ribbon tying. Because our club has a focus on tobacco and tobacco products, the trivia game was completely comprised of tobacco-based questions. The kids worked individually to win prizes but continued to participate over and over collaborating with other members. The more they attempted to win prizes, the more they were exposed to facts about how these products can affect the body.

The members involved with planning and implementing this event did an amazing job getting the kidspicture2 involved in this program and their own health. This event reached about 50 youth and triggered the conversation about the difference between good drugs that can help with illnesses and bad drugs, and how these drugs can affect your health. This event was just the beginning or kickoff so to say, of the journey at Shopneck to educate members about the effects of tobacco and make an impact within their communities to decrease tobacco use. The next steps with our team will be to expose the youth to the physical effects of smoking using our amazing lung kits!

~Robert M. Shopneck Boys and Girls Club

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